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Minecraft Now Selling on Kindle Fire

by Joey Davidson | September 17, 2012September 17, 2012 6:00 pm PST

Steve can finally break blocks on Amazon’s spectrum tablet devices, known as the Kindle Fire line.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition (for those of us with enormous pockets) is now selling on the Amazon marketplace for just under seven bucks. Hit the source link below for a direct line to buying the game if you happen to be reading this on your Kindle Fire.

This version of the game is way behind what players are currently enjoying on the PC equivalent. Heck, it’s even paces behind what’s going on for players of the Xbox 360 Edition. But, still, it’s Minecraft on the go. If you’re in a pinch and dying for a way to play Minecraft and stave off that building addiction a little longer, the Pocket Edition is a solid pick up.

What say those of you who have already made the purchase?

[via Amazon]

Joey Davidson

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