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Google+ Hits 400 Million Users, 100 Million Active Each Month

by Brandon Russell | September 17, 2012September 17, 2012 4:30 pm PST

google-plus-400-million-usersIt’s only been a little over a year since Google+ went live, but already the social network has amassed over 400 million users — and 100 million are active each month. That’s a pretty staggering number considering the service was brushed off as a “ghost town” earlier this year compared to Facebook’s 900 million strong user base. Google+ has developed into a well-oiled machine since its inception, with great features like Hangouts anchoring the infant service against Facebook’s more utilitarian approach.

As the network continues to grow — and its presence reaches more eyeballs with commercials like this one — Google+ is quickly becoming, at least according Google, a great alternative to Facebook’s ad-dominated blue monster.

[via Google+]

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