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HTC DROID Incredible X Surfaces Again With More Specs


The mysterious 5-inch HTC mystery device surfaces again, but with some new specs in tow.

Earlier this month a mystery 5-inch HTC device surfaced that some believed might be joining the DROID family over at Verizon, but not a lot was known about it at the time beyond the screen size and the fact that it would be 1080p. The folks over at HTC Source have found some more information on it, and it will indeed be 5-inches with a 1080p display, with a pixel density of 480 ppi. The processor is said to be a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 1.5GB of RAM backing it up and 16 GB of internal storage.

Currently the device is being referred to as “HTC DIx,” which is believed to stand for “DROID Incredible X,” but that has yet to be confirmed. The coloring and the fact it makes the DROID sound on boot up does seem to lend some evidence to that conclusion.

We’ll see when HTC finally confirms this device, but it definitely looks like the Phablet device market begun by the Samsung Galaxy Note is going to become an actual thing.

[via HTC Source]

Sean P. Aune

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