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Diane von Furstenburg Rocks Google Glass at NY Fashion Week

by Adriana Lee | September 16, 2012September 16, 2012 6:00 am PST

Dvf google glass

I’ve got to say — I am really impressed with how Google’s building up the hype machine around Project Glass.

Sending skydivers out of an airplane wearing the devices — and in the middle of a press event! — is no joke. The fact that it turned New York Times tech columnist David Pogue into a big fan is also a huge accomplishment. So now that Glass has captured the fancy of geeks far and wide, where else is it turning its gaze? Why, on the fashion world, of course.

Now that is brilliant. For a technology to stand any hope of mass adoption, it needs to hop the tech fence and make mainstream audiences drool. And with the world of style mavens, fashionistas and global press fixated on Fashion Week in New York, it’s a major “get” to have an industry heavyweight like designer Diane von Furstenberg rocking it. And she wasn’t just spotted wearing Glass — she and her team even shot a behind-the-scenes video of her Fall Fashion show using the device (below).

Non techies may flock to the vid just for a glimpse of what life is like on the catwalk and in the dressing rooms, but they will, of course, wonder — what are those marvelous asymmetric spectacles she’s wearing?

[Via Time]

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