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Alleged Verizon Galaxy Note II Photos Appear, Show Branded Home Button

verizon-galaxy-note-iiPhandroid has acquired photos of what is allegedly a Galaxy Note II with Verizon branding — maybe a bit too much branding for our taste. On top of the usual carrier logo on the back of the device, Verizon thought it might be a good idea to include its logo on the device’s home button. Whyyyyyy? It could be a sticker. Let’s hope it’s a sticker, and that Verizon isn’t trying to shove its name down consumer throats. Samsung’s Note II is one of the industry’s more hotly anticipated devices, with past evidence suggesting it could land with both a quad-core processor and LTE. If these images are indeed real, perhaps we’ll get a release date confirmation soon. Without the branded home button.

[via Phandroid]

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