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Wii U GamePads Won’t be Available Through Retailers

by Ron Duwell | September 14, 2012September 14, 2012 11:00 am PST

White_Wii_U_GamePadIf you want to show off the crazy new Wii U GamePad with your closest buddies, you’re going to have to pass the controller around like the most boring party on Earth. The Wii U’s touch screen GamePads will be unavailable to purchase though retailers, and it won’t be for quite some time until they are.

Nintendo of America’s PR head Mark Franklin says they will be unavailable because the company does no want to confuse people into thinking you’ll need more than one. Every game announced so far for the new console will only support a single controller, and local multiplayer will be available through the Professional Controller or Wii Remotes.

For those who just need a second GamePad for whatever reason, calling Nintendo’s customer service directly will be the only way to make the purchase or replace a broken one. The gamepad will be purchasable in Japan though for a steep 13,440 yen (nearly $110)

Nintendo has confirmed the console can support two touch pads, so retail purchases might become available down the road.

[via CVG]

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