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Steve Wozniak Hates Patent Wars, Wishes Companies Would Share Ideas

by Brandon Russell | September 13, 2012September 13, 2012 7:00 pm PST

steve-wozniakApple is widely seen as a tyrant, the bully of the tech industry. For all its success, the company has burned countless bridges on its journey to becoming the world’s most valuable company. But there’s still one figure among the Apple ranks that you can’t help just love: Steve Wozniak.

Considered to be one of the greats, Wozniak is an endearing figure that runs in multiple tech circles — just look at his stash — who’s never been one to bite his tongue. Earlier this year Woz candidly admitted that Android has surpassed iOS’s progress in many ways, and now he’s gone on to comment about the recent patent litigation between Apple and Samsung.

Simply put, he hates the current patent landscape — “I don’t agree with it” — and wishes we could all just get along. “I wish everybody would just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build best forms they want [and] use everybody’s technologies,” Woz said. That’s a fantastic sounding idea.

Unfortunately, that kind of openness is unlikely to ever happen. But if it did? Just think of the possibilities. I wouldn’t mind a little Windows Phone 8 and Android 4.1 in my iOS 6.

Woz also spoke optimistically about the iPhone 5, specifically mentioning the device’s improved optics. “Better quality on the pictures will mean a lot, because when I show people pictures on my iPhone 4 and my Galaxy S III, they always say the Galaxy S III, or even the Motorola Razr, pictures look better.” Woz is spot on with his Galaxy S III/iPhone 4 comparison. But the RAZR? He may want to get his eyes checked for that one.

[via Bloomberg]

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