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Authorities Find Foxconn Worker Dead, Suicide in Question

by Todd Haselton | September 13, 2012September 13, 2012 9:00 pm PST

Chinese authorities recently discovered a 22-year old deceased Foxconn worker, IDC reported Thursday morning. The worker was found inside an apartment complex near Shenzhen, and press in China originally reported the death as a suicide. This isn’t the first suicide related to Foxconn; ABC Nightline covered the company’s suicide nets outside of its facilities, which have been reported about in the past following several Foxconn worker suicide attempts.

“We have no other details regarding this tragedy and we are cooperating with Shenzhen law enforcement authorities as they carry out their investigation,” Foxconn said in a statement obtained by IDC. Oddly, the local police in the small town of Guanlan, where the death occurred, told IDC that they weren’t aware of the situation.

The Fair Labor Association investigated Foxconn’s plants earlier this year, where several Apple products are manufactured, and said it found workers were sticking around for “excessive overtime,” and there were health and safety risks in the factories. Apple responded and said it will share the costs of improving working conditions at Foxconn factories.

Foxconn isn’t the only supplier that has been in the spotlight for its working conditions. In July, Apple supplier Catcher Technology had a gas leak that ultimately killed one person and injured four others.

[via IDC]


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