Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge – Week Five

by Jon Rettinger | September 12, 2012

Ultimate Coder challenge

Week five of the “Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge” is here.  It’s been really interesting to see all the teams applications go from ideas to reality.   I’ve had an incredible time catching up with the squads, and I feel like I know most of them personally now.  I do, however, have one small issue with how things are set up.  To pull back the curtain a bit, the judges are asked to submit their weekly impressions by Wednesday at Noon Pacific each week.  Unfortunately, most teams don’t update their pages until Wednesday morning, which means those of on the West coast have less than four hours to read, absorb and write.  As of this writing, it is 4PM Pacific on Tuesday the 11th, and only one team has updated their post this week, Althea systems.  So, they are going to be the only ones who get the benefit (or detriment) of my feedback this week.   To the other teams, a happy judge is one who has time to think about what you have developed.

Since the first week I’ve been really excited to see how the teams incorporate the new multitouch panels into their apps. It’s a pretty radical new paradigm, being able to interact with a desktop operating system with your fingers.   With Shufflr, Althea is introducing “two more multi-touch gestures – to queue a video or like a video. Now, you just need to flick the video downward towards the queue / like icons on the app bar. Our users need not go to the app bar and tap on the icons any more.” It totally changes the way we think about icons and their movement in our virtual space.  I can’t wait to see other creative ways to bring full multitouch to the apps.  ]

I do hope that all teams continue to reevaluate everything we’ve come to accept about application development.  There are so many incredible API’s just waiting to be used.  use them!  Also, please update your posts earlier.

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