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Apple Store Down Ahead of iPhone 5 Announcement

by Sean P. Aune | September 12, 2012September 12, 2012 5:02 am PST

Apple Store is Down - 2012

As has become a tradition on the day of an Apple media event, the Apple Store is currently offline as we await the debut of the iPhone 5.

In one of the most baffling things about Apple, we will never understand why in 2012 it feels it has to take its online store completely offline during a media event. Is it to build up even more anticipation? Is it truly a technical issue? Who knows. What we do know is, it has happened, and the iPhone 5 is sure to be there when it comes back up after the event.

Sean P. Aune

Sean P. Aune has been a professional technology blogger since July 2007, but his love of tech dates back to at least 1976 when his parents bought...