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Kindle Fire HD Special Offers Can be Removed for $15

by Sean P. Aune | September 9, 2012September 9, 2012 9:00 am PST

Kindle Fire HD Special Offers Removal

Amazon has had a change of heart and will allow you to opt out of special offers on the Kindle Fire HD, but for a price.

It was discovered late last week that all of the Kindle Fire HD models would come with special offers that showed ads on the lock screen and screensavers. At first there appeared to be no way to opt out of them, but the retailing giant has apparently changed this policy. Amazon has now changed this policy following complaints around the Internet.

When you now visit the Kindle Fire pages you will see that is an option to “Learn More” and that you will be able to opt out of the ads for a one time fee of $15. Obviously Amazon has used the special offers as a way to subsidize the price of the tablets, so apparently it will need to recoup some money to allow you to remove them.

As an owner of a Kindle with Special Offers, I can attest that they really aren’t that annoying, and I have made some purchases from them here and there. That being said, yes, Amazon should have been more upfront about this from the get go, and it should now just offer the devices without in addition to the others as it does with the regular Kindle devices.

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