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Extreme Apple Fanboyism: Designing an Apple Store At Home

by Adriana Lee | September 9, 2012September 9, 2012 6:00 am PST

And you thought you knew what Apple fanboyism was. Whatever you thought you knew, just drop it now — David Wu has that beat.

This extreme Apple enthusiast has designed an office environment that puts all other so-called fanboys to shame. Wu converted his home office into an Apple shrine, patterning it after genuine Apple stores.

The space features a massive wooden pillar that features an integrated LCD screen for this Apple TV and a lit-up Apple logo emblazoned on it. To complete the look, he even had exact replicas of the Apple store desks manufactured and installed, as well as a product cabinet filled with items from his personal Apple product collection.

Custom Apple store4

Custome Apple store

Custom Apple store2

Custom Apple store3

Wu isn’t an interior decorator or designer by trade, so his set-up is rather impressive. He even had many of his office components custom-made, and replaced the four walls of his office with glass panels, to make “the store” seem more impressive and spacious. Now that’s hardcore.

Have you ever seen any gross displays of tech fanboyism? Share your story in the comments section below.

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