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Delta, American Digital Boarding Passes To Support Apple Passbook

American Airlines plane

The iOS 6 Passbook app didn’t exactly set the webs on fire when it was announced in June. For that matter, it didn’t really draw hate either. A collection spot for digital tickets, coupons and gift cards was merely a mildly interesting-but-somewhat-forgotten item that just sort of stood by while the Apple hype machine raged on. And in the weeks that followed, the public consciousness didn’t hone in on it either, as few people seemed to clamor for this nifty-but-kind-of-boring new feature.

That could change, though. Apparently there’s more activity surrounding the new iOS 6 app, and it’s coming from the airline industry, as Delta and American Airlines have both announced that they’ll support Passbook.

For the travel industry, this makes a lot of sense. Passengers can already get mobile boarding passes from many airlines, but this frequently requires clicking on a link to pull up the 2D barcoded ticket online. If you’re a Passbook user, however, you’d be able to “scan your iPhone or iPod as mobile boarding passes at airport gates for airlines that support the feature. Passbook would even automatically display the boarding pass when you arrive at the airport,” says travel news site And according to Apple, “if your gate changes after you’ve checked in for your flight, Passbook will even alert you to make sure you’re not relaxing in the wrong terminal.”

Delta and American aren’t the only airlines on board with Passbook. United has been featured in images used for Passbook promos, so it’s likely the company is locked in, and Virgin Australia is reportedly already supporting it.

The app didn’t kick up a huge amount of excitement before, so it will be interesting to see if these partnerships manage to inject some enthusiasm into the public, at least among the hardcore air travelers.

It’s like the beginning of iTravel, isn’t it? So are you on board? Tell us if you’re excited to get your hands on Passbook, or if there’s another feature from iOS 6 that has you chomping at the bit.


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