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WSJ: Apple Working on Music Streaming Service to Rival Pandora

by Brandon Russell | September 6, 2012September 6, 2012 5:04 pm PST

iTunes Match

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is readying a music streaming service aimed at taking on Pandora and Spotify. With rumors circulating that the iPhone-maker is set to redesign iTunes, Apple could be looking to supplement the new image with an entirely new streaming experience tied to the millions of iOS devices in circulation.

It sounds like the service would be exclusive to Apple device, but one person familiar with Apple’s plans said it could make its way to PCs running Windows. Don’t expect anything to be available on Android, however. That’s not the biggest deal since Pandora and Spotify are already available, but it further highlights the battle between iOS and Android.

Apple is apparently in the early stages of licensing negotiations, so it’s likely an actual product is still months off. Still, with Apple’s humungous install base, a huge threat to music streaming services seems to be on the horizon. Like Pandora, the music would be supplemented with ads, WSJ said, possible carried by Apple’s iAd platform.

“Apple is negotiating for its own licensing deals with record companies, these people said, because it wants to offer users a greater degree of interactivity than allowed so-called compulsory licenses used by Pandora and other webcasters,” the WSJ reported.

Apple is currently the biggest music retailer in the world, giving it a big presence in the industry already. iTunes is a massive portion of Apple’s pie, and it’ll obviously want to do everything it can to keep folks inside the platform. We’d suspect easy links to purchase music you hear through Apple’s would-be music streaming service, so it only makes sense for a streaming service brewing in Apple’s labs.

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