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Rayman Jungle Run Makes Rayman Origins a Mobile Game

by Joey Davidson | September 6, 2012September 6, 2012 11:00 pm PST

Here’s the thing about mobile gaming: the touchscreen controls severely limit the possibilities for gameplay design. When it comes to action platformers, virtual d-pads are an absolute bust.

Which explains why we have so many runners on the market today. The game does the running for the player, so the player is tasked with taps, tilts and shakes in order to proceed through each level. If you’ve spent any time crusing your phone’s marketplace and playing a few games, I’d almost guarantee that you’ve played this type of title before.

I love Rayman Origins. I love it to pieces. Seeing that Ubisoft is bringing a version of the game to the iOS and Android platforms should have me super excited, right?

Well, it’s an infinite runner. It’s just like every other runner currently available, only this time we’ll have the great art and music that made Ubisoft’s original effort so special.

Is this the kind of thing you’ll pick up when it drops? Is Rayman Jungle Run¬†for you?

Joey Davidson

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