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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge – Week Four

by Jon Rettinger | September 5, 2012September 5, 2012 9:30 am PDT

Ultimate Coder challenge

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in week four of the Ultimate Coder Challenge. It’s great to see the developers are all working hard on their apps that are optimized for the Ultrabook, and it is gratifying to see how far they have come in this journey already. The idea that this has all gone from ideas to reality in only a month is a testament to the effort that all of them have been putting in.

It appears that Lee Bamber is a bit more composed this week and back on the right track after his issues with APIs last week. From the looks of it, ‘Love Hearts’ is back on track and he met some of his own self-imposed deadlines, which is always a good sign. However, the folks over at Blue Innovations may be trying to put everyone on notice with the launch of, a beta program and the announcement you could download the Ultrabook optimized version of its app now. These guys just seem to be on a major roll.

Clef Software spent the week looking at an essential part of any app these days: monetization. Love or hate in-app purchases, they have become a vital part of any application strategy these days, and it has to be considered. That wasn’t all they did this week, though, and they worked on refining the touch interface for the game, BiolQ. And the folks over at Soma Games reached a feature complete stage with its game, and now its down to squashing bugs and fixing some of the quirks that come with any amount of programming.

Althea Systems, despite some setbacks beyond its control like an emergency evacuation of its building, made a lot of progress with tilt controls. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out once it is on a device with the form factor of a laptop. Will consumers really want to tilt?

Each subsequent week I’ll be featuring different teams, and offering thoughts, opinions, and updates.  Keep on coding teams!

Full disclosure – We are being compensated for advertising related to the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge and to attend an Intel event. We have commited to posting at least once per week on this subject and judging the final applications. All posts are 100% written and edited by TechnoBuffalo.

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