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The Last of Us Gets 16 Minutes of Gameplay to Drool Over

by Joey Davidson | September 5, 2012September 5, 2012 2:00 pm PDT

Gamers lucky enough to attend PAX Prime in Seattle this past weekend were treated to a lengthy gameplay demo of The Last of Us. That demo was the same one that was being shown to press at E3 in June. Now, Sony has turned it into a full-blown, 16 minute gameplay trailer for the world’s enjoyment.

Dig in.

The trailer showcases the AI work being done in the game, the environmental exploration and dynamic stealth. It’s a 16 minute slice of all the goodness packed into this seemingly stellar game from the fine folks at Naughty Dog.

Oh, and that sound design! How gorgeous does this game sound, folks? Sound design is one of those elements of gaming making that goes unnoticed unless it’s either really bad or tremendously good. The Last of Us appears to sport tremendously good sound design. It’s almost hard to miss.

The Last of Us will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 3 early next year. Will you be strapping in for it?

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