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Is This An Apple iPhone 5 Booting Up?

by Roy Choi | September 5, 2012September 5, 2012 10:15 am PDT

Just a week before an Apple event that most believe will be the announcement of the next iPhone, this new video is apparently an iPhone 5 booting up. The original source claims the phone is an “accidentally” discovered prototype direct from a Jincheng Foxconn factor.

The video shows off the thinner, taller form factor with the Apple logo and product information taped up.  The leaked video also shows a small sim card compartment (likely to be the alleged micro-sim card size).

We have our suspicions, notably, the Home button is just a bit off, the color is a bit too gray and the orientation of the button is slightly crooked.  Also the camera and sensor placement is all a bit off, relative to past iterations of the iPhone. So call us skeptical, this doesn’t appear to be all too convincing.

The video ends with the alleged iPhone 5 screen showing a “Cannot complete activation” message.

We’re sure to see more and more alleged “leaks” as we head towards next week, stay informed by following our iPhone 5 news page.

[via: micgadget, TNW]

Roy Choi

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