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Yep, Apple’s Calling it the iPhone 5

by Todd Haselton | September 4, 2012September 4, 2012 10:30 am PST

iPhone 5 on Table

Well there goes the big surprise! Kind of, anyway, if you thought Apple’s new naming moniker could be something other than the “iPhone 5.” It was totally possible, too, until the press invites went out this morning with the date (Sept. 12) and a shadow that clearly shows the number “5.” But we can see why there may have been a strong argument as to why Apple wasn’t going to call it the iPhone 5.

See, it all starts back in 2007 when the company launched the original iPhone. It followed that with the second-generation iPhone 3G in 2008, the iPhone 3GS in 2009, the iPhone 4 in 2010 and, finally, the iPhone 4S in 2011. If you’ve been keeping track, that’s a total of five different iPhones. Naturally, one might have expected that Apple would call this device the iPhone 6.

Or, if you were following along with Apple’s iPad product launch names, it could have been something entirely different. Apple introduced the iPad, then the iPad 2 and, this year, introduced the “new iPad.” So, it was entirely possible that Apple would have gone along with naming the device the “new iPhone.” I don’t think carriers would have liked that very much; it’s probably a lot easier to market the “iPhone 5” instead of the “new iPhone.” There’s something about a numerical step that implies there’s a much larger upgrade involved. At least in my eyes.

So what about the iPhone that follows the iPhone 5? Will it be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6? I suppose it’s time to start figuring that out. We’ll be covering Apple’s event on Sept. 12 like hawks, so stay tuned for all of the news as it breaks.

Todd Haselton

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