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iPad Mini Die Cast Shows Off Smaller Dock Connector, Thin Design

by Brandon Russell | September 4, 2012September 4, 2012 3:30 pm PST

iPad-mini-die-cast-mold-4Apple’s got the larger tablet market cornered, but it’s far behind its competitors in the 7-inch range — largely because it doesn’t even have a device in that space. But that’s all set to change, according to multiple reports, and we may see an announcement in early October.

Previous iPad mini leaks have supported murmurs of a design more in-line with an iPhone, and not necessarily its larger tablet brother. The die cast model you see above further corroborates the smaller side bezel rumor, and even shows off the much talked about redesigned dock connector.

As you can plainly see, the iPad mini is wafer thin, measuring in considerably thinner than the iPhone 4S — the angled picture even shows the iPhone’s antenna extending above the iPad mini, giving us an idea just how thin. You can also see that the speakers have undergone a slight redesign from what we are familiar with in the iPad, similar to what we should see when the iPhone 5 is announced on Sept. 12, along with the relocation of the FaceTime camera.

Hopefully we’ll learn more information soon. With Apple all set to unveil its iPhone 5, you can be the company will send out invites to its iPad mini party shortly after.

[via BGR]


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