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Nexus 7 3G May May Launch in Around 6 Weeks, Says Report

by Sean P. Aune | September 3, 2012September 3, 2012 9:00 am PST

A new rumor is circulating that ASUS and Google are working on a 3G variant of the Nexus 7 to be in around six weeks.

According to a report over at MoDaCo – credited only to “a well placed source” – ASUS and Google are working a possible 3G variant of the immensely popular Nexus 7 tablet. While most people love the Nexus 7, ourselves included, the biggest shortfall has been the lack of any form of wireless connectivity. While the Nexus 7 is a solid device, it would be just that much better if you could use it outside of your home as well.

Seeing as Google is trying to go it alone on this device, our suspicion is that the device will be sold unlocked which will allow you to take it to the carrier of your choice.

With the Kindle Fire 2 expected to be announced this week, and the iPad mini looking to be on track for Oct., this would be the perfect time for Google to fire enough a volley in the 7-inch tablet war.

[via MoDaCo]

Sean P. Aune

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