iPhone 5 Mockup Video Shows 4-Inch Screen in Action

Whether you’ve accepted it or not, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 (or new iPhone, or iPhone) will introduce a larger screen. Not wider, but taller, giving users more room for apps on the home screen, in folders, and just more overall real estate. We’ve seen a few mockups demonstrating how the increase to 4-inches might change the experience — this video is a much more tangible representation.

MacRumors used their talents to create a video that you can argue looks like an Apple presentation. The video gives us a size comparison, and how the increase translates to the iPhone’s different apps — movies, iMessage, Safari, etc.

But, ugh, a homescreen with 24 app icons just looks so ugly and so crowded. Other aspects aren’t as jarring, with games and movies making a more natural transition into the widescreen resolution (reported to be 1136×640). Some of the video is purely speculative, MacRumors admits, but it gives you an idea of what to expect come Sept. 12.

[via MacRumors]


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