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Apple Revamps App Store Search in iOS 6

iOS 6 App Store (left) vs. Chomp (right).

Apple has made some unexpected changes to the App Store in iOS 6 this week, introducing a new search interface reminiscent of that featured in Chomp — the app searching and discovery service that was acquired by Apple earlier this year.

Rather than a list of apps, App Store search results in iOS 6 are now presented in individual tiles, with one at a time displayed on the iPhone, and four at a time displayed on the iPad. Each tile shows the app’s icon, its price tag, and a screenshot, so that you can see instantly what the app looks like on your device.

If you used Chomp before its acquisition by Apple, then you’ll already be quite familiar with this interface. While it does offer a better first-glance look at the apps you’re searching for, it also makes it significantly slower to navigate your search results. Rather than seeing a list of up to five apps at a time on the iPhone, you only see one now. Of course, this means it takes a lot longer to find an app that appears tenth in your search.

In addition to this, 9to5Mac reports that Apple has also activated the Genius feature for the first time in iOS 6, and that you can now search for Podcasts within the iTunes app again.

What do you think to Apple’s App Store changes?

[Via: MacRumors]

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