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Adobe Flash for Android Returns to Google Play in U.K. Following Pressure From BBC

by Killian Bell | August 31, 2012August 31, 2012 4:00 am PDT

Flash for Android

Adobe has resurrected Flash for Android for users in the United Kingdom, following pressure from a group of strategic partners that includes the BBC. The software will now be available to download for a limited time from Google Play, but it will only support devices running Android 4.0.x and below.

When Adobe killed mobile Flash for Android on August 15, it had a huge impact on some apps that rely on its platform for content, including the BBC’s popular iPlayer app, which allows users to catch up with their favorite TV shows on the go.

It appears that the developers of those apps have now pressured Adobe into bringing Flash back for a brief period.

“Flash Player continues to be available on Google Play for users in the UK for a short while due to requests from strategic partners,” a spokesperson for Adobe told the BBC.

However, Adobe has maintained its stance on Flash, and insists that the software will not be updated for newer devices. It’s unclear how long Flash will be sticking around, either, but it will presumably remain available until apps like iPlayer have been updated to use an alternative platform.

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