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Windows Phone 8 to Offer Separate Start Screen Tailored Just for Kids

windows-phone-8-kids-cornerParental controls are for your own good. With more and more children putting down their LEGO in favor of shiny gadgets, more innocent eyeballs are seeing stuff that can’t be unseen. The Internet is a wild playground full of evil, and violence is served up as appetizers in free apps. So Microsoft is doing something about it.

Included in Windows Phone 8 will be a new feature addressing this very issue called Kid’s Corner. It’ll apparently work as expected: Parents curate a custom start screen with only the content they want their kids to see. That means age appropriate games, videos, music and apps that only parents designate.

It’s a convenient way to keep the more impressionable youth minds from opening the more nefarious doors that tech is capable of opening. The Verge said the feature will be available to all Windows Phone 8 handsets later this year, meaning parents can rest easy knowing there will be a clear divide between the kid and adult worlds.

[via The Verge]

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