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Want to Fund Your Next-Gen iPhone? Apple Offers Up To $345 For iPhone 4S Trade-ins

by Adriana Lee | August 30, 2012August 30, 2012 7:00 am PST

IPhone 4S trade in

Looking to ditch an iPhone 4S (say, for the iPhone 5 that’s expected to be unveiled within days)? Well, that old handset could pay for the new one, thanks to Apple’s Reuse and Recycle program.

If the device is in great shape, you could score as much as $345 (for a pristine 64GB iPhone 4S), payable via Apple gift card. Even if it’s not in stellar shape, you might still earn enough to make it worth your while. Just visit the webpage and enter info, such as model, color and condition to find out.

Got other legacy Apple phones rattling around in the basement? Why not sweeten the pot by trading those in too? Depending on the condition, you could get some coin for:


The iPhone 4

IPhone 4 trade in

The iPhone 3GS

IPhone 3GS trade in

And heck, even the iPhone 3G could at least score you a nice case to go along with that new handset.

IPhone 3G trade in

Trade-ins are also being accepted for iPads and computers (even non Macs). Sounds good, except for one curious thing: Somehow, one of the world’s leading technology companies relies on mail for this program. You can’t just drop it off at an Apple location; you have to ship the product to service provider PowerON and then wait until the physical card arrives via snail mail. Once it arrives though, you’ll be able to kick that credit over to the iPhone 5 (or “the new iPhone,” if the company’s recent naming convention holds up).

Are you planning to get the next-gen iPhone or another device this season? Tell us if you’ve got a brilliant funding strategy — whether that’s trading in an old gadget, selling one off or just flattering the heck out of dear old mom for the cash.

[Via The Next Web]

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