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Google and Apple CEOs Working on Possible Patent Deal

by Roy Choi | August 30, 2012August 30, 2012 1:00 pm PST

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According to sources familiar with the matter, Google CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been meeting to discuss potential options to avoid intense litigation regarding patents of mobile devices.  Rumors are the discussions are focusing on basic features and functions in the Android Mobile OS.

There may be a new-found urgency behind negotiations after last week’s Apple’s patent case win against Samsung.  One thing Apple has going for it now, is precedence, and in the court of law, precedence weighs heavily in determining what a court can/can not immediately dismiss.

Steve Jobs’ opinion on this matter probably differed from the way Tim Cook is approaching these talks.  After all, Jobs declared “thermonuclear war” for what he considered a wrong that he would one day right, using every single dollar in Apple’s war chest.  But as we’ve learned since Tim Cook has taken the top spot on Apple’s executive team, he is not as volatile or vengeful as Mr. Jobs.

The mobile industry promises to be competitive over the next few years. With manufacturers and mobile OS developers (Android, iOS, RIM, Windows 8, Amazon?) battling for market share.  We will continue to see growth in mobile phones as well as mobile computing/tablets.  Companies like Google and Apple have added additional arsenal to prepare for impending court battles through the form of patent portfolio acquisitions (e.g., Kodak) as well as outright buying of entire businesses (e.g., Google of Motorola Mobility).  Analysts and consumers alike are beginning to ask, when does it all end.

It is obvious the mobile industry is better off without these litigious cases. As consumers we all lose, when one company hoards technology that may otherwise be improved upon.

Here’s hoping to see resolution to these patent wars, or at least some resolve to move towards innovation rather than litigation.

[source: Reuters]

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