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Build Your Own Dream House in Latest Skyrim DLC Hearthfire

by Ron Duwell | August 28, 2012August 28, 2012 8:00 pm PST

Bethesda is keeping their Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim money-ball steadily rolling along with yet another enticing DLC package titled Hearthfire. Not another added mission or extended dungeon, the latest DLC provides the Dragonborn with the simple pleasures in life he’s more than entitled to by now.

Hearthfire will allow players to create their own dream house from the ground up. The Dragonborn must buy a land deed through legal means, and he will be provided with all the tool benches necessary to create his own little corner of the world. When finished decking out the place with treasures and skins of his vanquished foes, he can even move in his lovely partner, adopt a few beautiful children to raise with the DLC’s newly added adoption process, and support a happy family in between battling Earth destroying dragons and infiltrating vampire cults.

Even the Dragonborn needs a place to kick his feet up and call his own, so be sure to check out the Hearthfire DLC package when it gets release for the Xbox 360 for 400 MS points this coming September 4th. Microsoft’s exclusivity deal will keep the other platforms from getting it for at least two weeks, so PlayStation 3 and PC owners will have to wait a bit.

[via CVG]

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