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Apple v. Samsung Jury Foreman Reveals How Verdict Was Determined

by Brandon Russell | August 28, 2012August 28, 2012 10:00 am PST

Apple VS Samsung-3It’s been four days since Apple brought a vengeful firestorm down upon Samsung, meaning now’s as good a time as any to start hearing jury explanations for how the decision was made. Fanboyism? Samsung haters? Surprisingly, nobody on the jury owned an iPhone — at least according to Jury Foreman Vel Hogan, who is a self professed “PC person.”

Speaking with, Hogan details the thought process behind many aspects that lead to last Friday’s verdict. The jury reportedly struggled with whether “prior art could either render a patent acceptable or whether it could invalidate it,” Hogan said. Ultimately, however, the jury approached the case through an empathetic lens, arriving at what Hogan called his “a-ha moment.”

“I had what we could call an ‘a-ha moment’ and I suddenly decided I could defend this if it was my patent,” Hogan said.

Hogan further explains that because Samsung willfully copied Apple’s patents, the company more or less had what was coming. “If any company decides to ignore the stipulations and the rules and get too close, that they cross the line and infringe and they do it willfully, they need to understand that if they take the risk and they get caught, they should have to pay for it,” Hogan said.

In addition, Hogan shares how the jury came to the astronomical $1 billion sum, and also offered up some advice for the Korean company.

“There are other ways [Samsung] can accomplish something,” Hogan said. “Nokia is an example. BlackBerry is an example.”

Not the most sound advice, Mr. Hogan, particularly because Samsung is doing quite well for itself with devices like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III. If you haven’t had enough of Apple v. Samsung, you can see the 17 minute interview over on Bloomberg TV.

[via CultOfMac, Bloomberg TV]

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