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The World Ends With You “Solo Remix” Launch Trailer

by Ron Duwell | August 27, 2012August 27, 2012 10:00 pm PDT

Wait a minute, it’s all been done before.” Man does that second verse just fit what’s going on in the world of TWEWY.

In the end, it just turned out to be a port after all. Square Enix flubbed the announcement of The World Ends With You‘s iOS port and tried to pass it off as not the only thing they were planning for the series. It seems future plans with the series will have to be put on hold, because in the end, all we got was the port subtitled Solo Remix, and it’s available now.

Luckily, the launch trailer might stir up enough happy memories to put out a few angry flames. Oh, that music.

Square Enix’s cult hit RPG looks like it survived the jump and remains relatively intact with a few improvements. The slick new character sprites that are much more fluid than the pixelated original ones, and the battle system has been crammed onto a single screen. You no long require another set of eyes and corresponding second brain to fully enjoy the busy fights, fixing the most wide-spread complaint about the DS version.

In fact, the trailer is so good, it almost makes me want to fire up my DS copy right now. My pins must be swimming in experience points going this long without playing.

Don’t take it so bad TWEWY fans. I’m right there with you. We might see more from these cool characters down the road, and even if a sequel never happens, does The World End With You really need a sequel? Yeah, they are a bunch of painfully fun emo kids, but their story is finished, really. Nowhere else they can really go and not much else they can really do. They were special while they lasted, but do you really want to see them drag out Neku into an old man?

The World Ends With You caught a lot of gamers off guard back in 2007. Not many were expecting such a quality original IP from Square Enix in those days, so it was more than a welcome treat. If you’ve missed it up until this point and don’t mind dropping $18, steep for an iOS game but way less than I paid for it, then its definitely worth the price of admission. Check out the official page if you’re new or a fan interested in the new port.

Ron Duwell

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