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Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Fan Mod Fixes Resolution

Dark Souls finally gets its long awaited Prepare To Die Edition PC release, and Namco has the launch trailer all set to remind you of the punishment you’ll receive if you pick up this game.

The sleeper-hit Souls series from B-game makers FromSoftware has more than earned its reputation as the most brutal beast on the market. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Dark Souls were released last year to high praise, and fans petitioned for a PC port to be released. Namco caved in after the petition gained 92,000 signatures, and announced Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition in April to much applause.

New content, maps, and bosses weren’t enough to totally put fan’s concerns to rest, though. More news slowly leaked out at the game would only be available through Games for Windows Live, be bogged down with frame rate issues, and have its resolution stuck in 1024x72o.

Not much can be done about the forced use of Gamers for Windows, but in reaction to the resolution issues, a NeoGAF user dubbed Durante stepped forward and released a mod that unlocks the resolution cap. Only 23 minutes of Durante coding allows gamers to see themselves get slaughtered in whichever size they want. He does not guarantee the success of the mod, having only tested it on his own computer, so using it comes at your own risk. You can download it here.

All of the added content available added to the PC version will be released for consoles as a $15 DLC package titled Artorias of the Abyss this coming October. The Prepare to Die Edition is available through Steam for $39.99, but it will still use the Games for Windows Live DRM, if that is an issue for you.

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