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Amazon Poster at Headquarters Reminds Employees Not to Divulge Secrets

amazon-posterAmazon really, really wants its employees to avoid talking to the tech media. Thus, the above propaganda poster was born. It reads, “A Secure Amazon Begins With You.” With the online retail giant’s Sept. 6 event in such close proximity, it seems Amazon wanted to issue one final reminder not to spoil the mysterious event.

Over the past several months, many rumors have pointed to multiple Kindle Fire tablets out of the Seattle company, and possibly even an Amazon smartphone. Since introducing its 7-inch tab last year, the company has been very tight lipped about any such upcoming products. It’d be hard to imagine anything other than an answer to Google’s Nexus 7, but what else?

“We’re on track to ship by Q4,” the poster reads. All right, I guess we can expect some stocking stuffers in December. We can also expect, among the Nexus 7, an iPad Mini (allegedly) and a Microsoft Surface for Windows RT from Amazon’s competitors. It’ll be up to the customers to device which will win out. But don’t think for a second we’ll hear about Amazon’s plans before next month.

[via TechCrunch]

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