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Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge — Week Two

by Jon Rettinger | August 22, 2012August 22, 2012 3:30 am PDT

Ultimate Coder challengeIt may sound crazy, but being surrounded by all the latest tech day-in and day-out can occasionally get dull; the same smartphones, the same tablets, the same news. So when I was asked to participate as a judge in Intel’s Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge, I was looking forward to trying something new — there’s nothing more exciting than experiencing an innovative new product that reminds you why you fell in love with tech in the first place.

After seeing the progress each of the six coders have made over a very short period, my enthusiasm for where tech is headed has reached a new height. It’s always great to see the boundaries of what’s possible pushed to a new level, and it looks as though each contestant is doing exactly that in their own unique way. The reference ultrabooks, which have built-in touch controls, give a new dimension to how users interact with their machine, allowing the developers to be more creative in a traditional desktop setup.

As the contest continues, I’m very much looking forward to how each contestant wraps up their app in a succinct little package. It sounds like there have been a few minor setbacks in some of the camps, but I’d expect the talented minds to push through to achieve their vision, and to create the best apps possible. Here’s to the weeks ahead.

Full disclosure – We are being compensated for advertising related to the Ultimate Coder Ultrabook Challenge and to attend an Intel event. We have commited to posting at least once per week on this subject and judging the final applications. All posts are 100% written and edited by TechnoBuffalo.

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