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PS Vita Adds Over 100 PlayStation Classics to Library


Fans of nostalgia and retro gaming suddenly have a huge reason to be interested in the PlayStation Vita. Firmware 1.80 will be adding the entire collection of PlayStation Classics available through PSN to the handheld’s library.

Sony had announced PS One support at gamescom this year, but it was unknown if Sony would make their games available in one giant sweep or if they would slowly patch them in batches. However, it appears Sony is more than happy to make their games from yesteryear available on the spot.

The official press release from PlayStation Blog mentions the three PlayStation Classic poster children for advertising. Popular favorites like “Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil 2” will certainly be available for download. Why not take the time to check out something new? Do yourself a favor and try a little Alundra on for size for only $6, especially all you Zelda fans out there. You might find a diamond in the rough you missed while cramming for that next spelling test or wondering how to ask that girl out to the school dance.

Firmware 1.80 will also unlock Sony’s much hyped Cross Controller function which will allow owners to control the PlayStation 3 dashboard and a handful of compatible games with the PlayStation Vita as a controller.

[via Destructoid]

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