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iPhone 5 Slated for September Launch, German Carrier Mobilecom Debitel Suggests


We’re already expecting the iPhone 5 to launch in September. Nearly every report we’ve seen suggests Apple will announce the device on September 12 and that it will be available to consumers by September 21. Now, a German carrier is adding to those reports with a new advertisement that claims it will be ready to sell the device in September, too.

Mobilecom Debitel recently updated its website with a page (pictured above) that says: “In September, it’s finally time for a new generation of smartphone to go on sale. Mobile-com Debitel allows you to find free e-mail about everything worth knowing about iPhone.” The company doesn’t come right out and say it’s the iPhone 5, but the indication is certainly there. Here’s our only problem with the listing, though: It appears that Mobilecom Debitel is just following the same reports that we’ve already seen and that it isn’t actually already in talks with Apple. At least its marketing department probably wouldn’t be aware of it, anyway. Why?


Because another part of the site says suggests it will have “perhaps a bigger screen” and that the “world expects a faster processor” and “maybe even a memory of 1GB.” Those words, “perhaps,” “expects” and “maybe” are all speculative. Worse, the site also said the device is “expected in September.” That’s from the highlighted text above, as translated by 9to5Mac.

Well of course, we’re all expecting it in September.

[via 9to5Mac]

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