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Windows Phone Set to Surpass BlackBerry Market Share in November


Research In Motion is about to make another circle around the drain. The company’s BlackBerry operating system market share is about to be surpassed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, according to new data from research firm StatCounter. We’re a little skeptical, however, because StatCounter’s figures don’t match those of other research firms.

Research from firms such as comScore suggest that RIM’s U.S. market share in the three-month period ended in June of this year is currently sitting at about 10.7%, down from 12.3% in the three-month period ended March 2012. That report found that Microsoft’s market share is still at 3.8%, so it seems a bit crazy that BlackBerry OS could fall so quickly so fast… at least in the U.S.

IDC, however, found that RIM’s global market share is at about 4.8%, compared to Windows Phone which has a 3.5% market share. By those figures, StatCounter’s projection that Windows Phone will surpass BlackBerry by November of this year make a bit more sense. IDC also believes Windows Phone will become so popular that it will surpass Apple’s iOS market share by 2016, however, so it’s definitely pretty bullish on Microsoft.

Still, we’re not entirely surprised by the findings. Windows Phone 8 looks like an amazing update and it’s likely to steal RIM’s potential customers, who otherwise have to wait until the first quarter of next year for RIM”s next devices.

[via WMPoweruser]

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