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Double Fine Wants to Jump Entirely to Crowdfunding

Double Fine AdventurePsychonauts developer Double Fine Production has always been a risky sell for big name publishers. Quirky titles like Costume Quest and Stacking always will appeal to their established fanbase, but overall, they don’t exactly light up the sales charts either.

Now that their first Kickstarter project brought in a record $3.5 million, shattering their expectations of $400,000, they want to do away with the middle man and turn directly to the fans for financial support in the future.

Thanks to the reputation they hold with their loyal fans, Double Fine seems to have the clout to sell a game before they even begin making it. It’s a risky business plan, but Double Fine front man Tim Schafer told Venture Beat he as no problem with taking huge gambles.

“We try to be as creative with our business development as we are with our games. We are always on the lookout for ways to break the traditional mold for game funding. So when we see new opportunities come up – like Kickstarter, angel investment, or other alternative funding models – even though they might seem new and risky at the time, they are also very attractive to us.”

Vice President of Business Justin Bailey also hopes to make the jump within the next year.

“We are now majority-funded by crowdfunding or outside investment. By next year, hopefully that transition will be complete. Our advantage is we have developers who already know how to make triple-A content.”

The entire interview is a wonderful read about the future of indie gaming, with words also from founder Steve Dengler, who donated $1 million to Double Fine for the Mac port of Psychonauts and PC ports of Costume Quest and Stacking.

Double Fine’s current projects include Double Fine Adventure, the point-and-click adventure game funded by the Kickstarter event, as well as The Cave, a 2D platformer-adventure with a large cast of characters each with their own unique skills

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