$14.99 Windows 8 Upgrade Offer is Live; Register to Get Your Copy Now

microsoft-windows-8-upgrade-offerIt happens to everyone: you purchase a product only for a newer version to come out soon after. Best Buy even had a commercial about the epidemic. Luckily, most companies rectify the frustrating issue by offering some sort of deal. In the case of Microsoft, customers who purchased a Windows 7 machine beyond June 2 can pick up Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99.

The offer is good through January 31 of next year, so folks have plenty of time to lollygag on over to Microsoft’s Windows Upgrade Offer. Registration is currently live for 140 countries, meaning pretty much wherever you are, you can sign up (if you quality).

Those with existing Windows machines purchased before June 2 of this year will need to pay $40 for the upgraded OS; again, the offer is only good through January 31.

[via WindowsUpgradeOffer]

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