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Google Play Gift Cards Look Set for Aug. 26 Release

by Sean P. Aune | August 19, 2012August 19, 2012 11:30 am PST

Google Play gift card Target memo

Google Play gift cards are a certainty now, and it appears that Aug. 26 will be when you can first pick them up.

Last week we learned that Google Play gift cards are coming and that the Google Play app was ready for them, but there was no indication of when we might see them released. A new Target internal memo acquired by Android Police suggests that Aug. 26 will be the first day that you can pick them up.

According to the memo, the gift cards in the checkout lanes at Target stores are getting a reset this week, but two pegs will be left empty as the product for them is not yet ready for release. On Aug. 26 the stores will be able to rack the Google Play gift cards with all of the other products available.

If you’ve been itching for gift cards that will allow you to make purchases of your favorite apps in Google Play, it looks like you only have a week left to wait.

[via Android Police]

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