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Motorola Introduces “Unlock My Device,” Offers Android Bootloader Unlocking Tool

by Brandon Russell | August 17, 2012August 17, 2012 6:00 pm PDT

motorola-unlock-my-deviceThe device you purchase is yours, so why not have the freedom to do as you please with it? In the Android world, freedom is expected, reveled, enjoyed. Unless you own a Motorola device, which are among the most difficult to unlock.

But Motorola is making its reputation a thing of the past; the company on Friday announced a new “Unlock My Device” page in which Motorola Android owners can download a tool that breaks the shackles of their respective device — i.e. no more locked bootloaders.

The handset maker lays it out with some simple-to-follow instructions though, before users get started, the Android SDK and Motorola’s Drivers are required. Currently the new site lists only a limited number of supported devices: the Photon Q 4G LTE for Sprint, the RAZR developer Edition (Europe), the Motorola XOOM for Verizon and the XOOM Wi-Fi (Worldwide).

With devices like the Atrix HD and RAZR MAXX still locked down, one would suspect that Motorola is working quickly to get those handsets set free. Good on Motorola’s part for making this happen.

[via Lifehacker, Motorola]

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