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Microsoft Now Publishing Windows Phone Apps Following Suspension

After suspending Windows Phone app uploads on Wednesday due to a glitch with its digital certificates, Microsoft has now begun publishing new apps and updates to the Windows Phone Marketplace again. The company announced in a post on its Windows Phone Developer Blog that it has now fixed the issue and that it will now continue its “publishing workflow as normal.”

Microsoft ceased approving new apps when it became apparent that a digital certificate issue was causing downloads to fail for a large portion of users. Although the problem only affected handsets that had been upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 — not those that came with it pre-installed — the company felt the need to halt all Marketplace uploads while it issued a fix.

It has now done that, and uploads will resume as normal. Microsoft warns, however, that it could take a day or two for its changes to take affect:

We fixed the digital certificate problem and last evening resumed publishing new apps. It will take a day or two for the repair to fully deploy and newly-published apps to begin appearing in Marketplace again.  If your app was in the process of being published, you don’t need to take any action.  We have applied the fix and the app will continue through the certification and publishing workflow as normal.

Users are still being advised not to uninstall apps that won’t update, because it could still take a little while before they reappear, and you’ll be stuck without them until that time.

While this is an inconvenience for Windows Phone users, it’s good to see that Microsoft has quickly addressed the issue.

[via Windows Phone Developer Blog]

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