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WebOS to be Rebranded as Gram, Focus on Software and the Cloud

by Brandon Russell | August 15, 2012August 15, 2012 10:00 am PDT

In an attempt to break free of its webOS past, it was revealed on Wednesday that the platform is rebranding itself as an HP-funded offshoot. Dubbed Gram, the new venture will focus on “software, user experience, the cloud, engineering and partnering.”

“Gram will leverage ‘the core strengths’ of [webOS and Enyo], with the end goal of building ‘a technology that will unleash the freedom of the web.’”

WebOSNation’s report is unclear about what exactly will become of Gram down the road, but it does note that the company is free to seek outside funding from interested parties. In addition, a timeline for Gram’s rollout hasn’t been finalized, although it may happen in the near future. Hopefully we’ll find out more information about the secretive project in the meantime.

[via webOS Nation]


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