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Microsoft Suspends Windows Phone App Uploads Following Download Issues

Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone app uploads have been suspended following an issue that was preventing some users from installing new apps and updates.

The issue only affected a small number of apps, according to Microsoft, but some of those were incredibly popular ones — including The New York Times, Translator from Bing, and the newly-released WhatsApp messenger. User who attempted to install these simply got an error message and their download failed.

Microsoft said that the error was caused by “an issue with the digital certificates used to sign apps.” It also insisted that the error is only affecting older handsets that have been upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5, and those that came with Windows Phone 7.5 pre-installed should be okay.

“It does not appear to impact phones sold with Windows Phone 7.5 preinstalled,” it said.

Although the issue only affected a small number of apps and a certain number of devices, Microsoft has still suspended Windows Phone app uploads temporarily until it has rolled out a fix. The company has also advised users to avoid downloading new apps or updates until this time.

Microsoft concluded by reassuring users that “there’s nothing wrong with your phone and everything else should work fine.”

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