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PlayStation 3 Finally Gets A Native YouTube App… If You Live in the U.S.

YouTube app on PS3

Sony PlayStation 3 has been shipping for nearly six years now, and today it finally gets a native YouTube app — if you live in the United States.

Until now, PS3 owners had to enjoy YouTube through the console’s web browser. It worked, but it wasn’t a tremendously smooth experience. Now the native app is set to change that, and it can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store’s “My Channels” section from today for those in the U.S.

Some of its key features include search, the ability to sign in with your Google account and check out all your subscription channels, and the best one: the ability to use your smartphone as a remote and beam videos to your console.

For the rest of us, Google promises that the YouTube app will make its way to other countries “in the coming months.” Why it will take that long is a mystery.

[via The Verge]

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