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Apple Exec Reveals Company Licensed Design Patents to Microsoft

apple-microsoftApple has reportedly gone buddy-buddy with Microsoft right under our noses. According to Boris Teksler, director of Patent Licensing & Strategy at Apple, the Cupertino company has licensed its design patents to Microsoft. Because, let’s be honest, nobody wants to repeat the mistake of Samsung.

The patents in question are the very same Apple is taking Samsung to court over, as revealed on Monday from the courtroom.

“Apple has licensed its design patents to [Microsoft], but they have an “anticloning” agreement,” Teksler allegedly said.

The patents are actually part of a cross-licensing agreement, legal reporter Ian Sherr said, and were likely brought up in court to hammer the point home that Samsung should have entered into a similar deal.

The anticloning bit of the deal is being put into good effect by Microsoft in its Surface tablet. Although the Redmond company’s device bares a resemblance to Apple’s iPad, the Surface’s OS, Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro, are very dissimilar.

If nothing else, the trial between Apple and Samsung has given us an unfiltered look at how the company’s operate, and how business is done behind the scenes. The Apple v. Samsung trial is still ongoing.

[via MacRumors]

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