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Taller iPhone 5 Battery Surfaces With Larger 1,440 mAh Capacity

by Killian Bell | August 10, 2012August 10, 2012 6:04 am PST

iPhone 5 battery

The iPhone 5 will need a big battery to power its rumored 4-inch display and LTE connectivity, and as this photo suggests, it will have one. As you can see, this battery is significantly taller than the one featured in the iPhone 4S (pictured below), and it boasts a 1,440 mAh capacity — up from the 1,430 mAh capacity offered by its predecessor.

iPhone 4S battery

Furthermore, it’s voltage has also increased to 3.8 volts — up from 3.7 volts on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 — and its watts-per-hour (wHr) measurement has risen to 5.45 wHr from 5.3 wHr. According to its label, it was manufactured in June 2012.

Although those numbers don’t seem like huge increases, Apple will probably be looking for the battery to power the larger display and LTE chip — along with anything else it adds — and offer the same kind of lifespan you’d get from the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Of course, there’s a possibility this battery isn’t for the iPhone 5 at all, but rather a prototype that may never see the light of day. We won’t find our until Apple’s iPhone event, which is expected on September 12.

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