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Do Our Eyes Deceive Us, or is This a Black Galaxy S III

by Mark Hearn | August 10, 2012August 10, 2012 3:30 pm PDT

Samsung could be planning a fourth color installment for its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. Pictured above is what appears to be a black Galaxy S III that was pulled from Samsung’s Facebook page.

The reason we say “appears to be” is because, if you’ve seen the pebble blue model Galaxy S III in person, it can easily look black in different lighting. However, the folks from AndroidPolice have received a screenshot of a listing for a black Samsung Galaxy S III allegedly from European retailer Carphone Warehouse, which certainly suggests the phone exists.

The thought of an all black Galaxy S III isn’t tough to wrap your head around, but why release it this late in the game? Adding to our speculation is the fact that Samsung recently announced a red Galaxy S III for AT&T, which shows the company isn’t opposed to mixing things up. AT&T announced the garnet red Galaxy S III a while before it hit the market, though, so we’re not so sure that this will end up on U.S. carriers.

As for the image in question, is the Galaxy S back in black, or is this some type of Criss Angel Mindfreak?

[via: AndroidCentral, AndroidPolice]

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