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Sleeping Dogs Loves PC Gamers; Announces Exclusive Features

Sleeping Dogs releases in just less than a week, but new information is still popping up about the game. Square Enix and United Front Games announced yesterday some great news for players who prefer a computer chair to a couch and a monitor to a television.

Sleeping Dogs for PC is being released exclusively as a download via Steam in the U.S. (Europe will be getting a boxed release as well as digital). Those who preorder can knock 10 percent off retail, bringing the price down to $44.99. On top of that comes a bonus DLC pack and some Team Fortress items, including a thing to hit people with, a helmet, and some funny glasses.

The PC version will support multi-monitor setups, 3D displays and DirectX11-specific features, as well as receiving a day-one high resolution texture pack.

If your PC can take the beating, then this is definitely the version to get.

[via Sleeping Dogs’ Official Site]

Eric Frederiksen

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