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Netflix ‘Just For Kids’ Channel Comes to Xbox 360

Netflix Just for Kids

We covered Netflix’s ‘Just for Kids’ channel back in November, when the service made its debut on the Nintendo Wii. It then hit the PlayStation 3 back in March, and now it has come to the Xbox 360 as well.

As its name suggests, the Just for Kids channel is dedicated to movies and TV shows that are suitable for kids. It’s great for the little ones because it makes it a whole lot easier for them to find their favorite shows, and it provides peace of mind for parents who want to ensure they don’t stumble across content that’s unsuitable.

Because it’s designed for kids, Netflix has made the channel easy to navigate. They can pick their favorite characters to find the shows they’re looking for, like Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, and Spongebob Squarepants. They can also pick kid-friendly genres, like superheroes, princesses, or dinosaurs.

Just like other parts of Netflix, the Just for Kids channel is personalized based on the content you watch. So if your kids love movies with animals in, that’s exactly what they’ll see featured in the Just for Kids section.

In addition to consoles, Just for Kids is available on the Apple TV, PCs and Macs, Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. Netflix promises that it’s coming to tablets and other devices later this year, too.

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