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Microsoft Job Listings Hint at Next-Generation of Surface Tablets

Microsoft-Secret-Surface-Event-Tablet-Docked-PinkDespite the Surface possibly leading to a “huge negative impact for the [Windows] ecosystem,” Microsoft is allegedly already preparing its next move in the tablet space. According to TechRadar, the Redmond-based company has spent the summer hiring a dozen or so people to work on “the next generation” of Windows tablets.

The Surface right now, which still isn’t even out until October 26, is still a bit of a mystery. There’s considerable hype connected to the device, and for good reason. But it’s still unclear how it’ll perform against the market’s top heavyweights, or if it’ll withstand the barrage of Apple exposure that’s set to kick into high gear on September 12.

The multiple job listings — mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, component specialists, etc. — don’t give us too much insight into Microsoft’s next-generation plans, so it’s unclear how a Surface 2 might differ from what was introduced in June. The affair seems to be normal everyday stuff from a company looking to do its thing and try and compete with its own hardware and software combination.

While the listings do seem normal, we’d hope Microsoft has some tricks up its sleeve that’ll possibly keep its tablets ahead of the curve, rather than merely offering something on par with an iPad or Android tablet. The tablet market is evolving pretty quickly, and the Surface’s Touch Cover is just the type of thing that pushes the space forward. More of that, please.

We’re still two and a half months from seeing if the Surface has what it takes, and even further from seeing what a mysterious next-generation Microsoft tab has to offer. Let’s hope it’s something that will prove the doubters wrong, like Acer CEO JT Wang, and prove that making good hardware is something it is definitely capable of doing.

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